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A new reference in Germany for the TERMIPAK®

Thermal recovery of sewage sludge at the Hagenow wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)

The operator of the AZV Hagenow municipal WWTP has signed a contract with FMI Process for the manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of a TERMIPAK® 800 fluidized-bed furnace, as well as 5 years of maintenance.

Abwasserzweckverband (AZV) Hagenow treats municipal and industrial wastewater at 17 WWTP in northeastern Germany.

6.000 tonnes per year of digested sewage sludge with a dryness between 22 and 28% (approx. 1.500 t/year of dry matter) will be thermally recovered at the Hagenow WWTP from the commissioning of the plant scheduled for the end of 2024.

Thermal treatment reduces sludge volume by 90%. The TERMIPAK® 800, a modular construction with a surface area of less than 300m², has a treatment capacity of 0,8 t/h of raw sludge, with an annual operating time of 7.500 hours.

The fluidized-bed oven has a 1,15 MWth thermal capacity.

The sludge is dewatered using centrifuges, to a minimum dryness of 22%. The plant operates using biogas produced from sludge digestion. In order to tend towards autothermal operation, an upstream drying plant uses the waste energy from the flue gases as a heat source. Ash from thermal recovery is collected using bag filters.

The TERMIPAK® 800 furnace is made of a high-tech steel alloy, without refractory bricks, and covered by a European patent. This facilitates on/off furnace operation and installation can be started up in just a few hours.

Phosphorous extraction by precipitation and separation from the liquid phase of sewage sludge is carried out by the operator using MAP process (magnesium ammonium phosphate).


»     Modular and compact installation

»     No building required

»     Easier on/off operations

»     Flowrate: 2.000 – 6.000 t/year (1.500 t/year dry matter)

»     Dryness > 22%

»     Fluidized bed > 850 °C

»     Low energetic consumption thanks to the use of biogas and autothermal operation

»     Heat recovery: hot water generation

»     Flue gas treatment

»     Continuous emission analysis


FMI Process is part of the SNF Group and has been manufacturing fluidized-bed incinerators for sewage sludge for over 25 years.

FMI Process has references in France and Italy, with incineration capacities ranging from 2.000 à 80.000 t/year.