Technical assistance/ After sales service/Spare parts

The FMI PROCESS materials, covered by a legal warranty, are maintained by our technical teams. These specialists are also trained to intervene on any equipment that you can find in the market.

Whatever your equipment is, our company proposes repairing, maintenance, cleaning of the furnaces, heat exchangers, heating flues, filters, …

FMI PROCESS can also provide spare parts (temperature probes, burners, valves, …). For more specific parts as vessels or heat exchangers for example, our design office will study your schedule of conditions and will come back to you with the most appropriated equipment that can also be manufactures by our on-site workers.

Our technical team, prompt and serious, will answer to your enquiries in really short time. For after sales services demands or the replacement of damaged parts, our teams are mobile and ready to go.

We can also propose you a remote assistance of your equipment that can, for most of them, be managed at distance thanks to our supervision system compliant with most of the automatons available on the market.